Classen Home Health Associates has been the leading Home Care Agency in our community for over 30 years. We recognize the professional responsibility we bear in our relationship with you and your family. We encourage you to voice your wishes and concerns so that we can provide the essential support needed to meet you expectations.

We pride ourselves in creating stable quality jobs and careers for those committed to improving the lives of others. READ A MESSAGE FROM OUR OWNER AND FOUNDER

Our Philosophy is to help create optimal living conditions for seniors. Whether in your own home or at a Classen residence, our goal is to provide dignity, purpose, and a sense of belonging, while also allowing for the highest degree of independence possible.

Quality Care Is No Accident. The people who become our home care professionals are carefully screened in our application process and undergo extensive professional background checks. Our attention to the professional development of our caregivers results in continuity of care for each client we serve.

Superior Education and Training From group continuing education in-services to specialized one-on-one training, our experience has shown that knowledge breeds confidence, and confidence leads to superior performance.

Kind Words From Our Clients